Chocs for all occasions

Low Sugar Treats

Think Of Your Teeth

When you taste one of our handmade chocolates, you will immediately notice the extra thickness, clean taste and smoothness of the chocolate coating itself, which gives our chocolates their characteristic luxury taste.

A taste that is due to the hand making process itself and simply cannot be produced using factory techniques.

Low in Sugarsweets sugar

Although our primary focus is on being organic and ensuring that we source all of our products ethically, another market that we cater for are those who are health conscious.

Chocolate that contains less or no sugar is beneficial to those who can't eat it such as diabetics, as well as those who know of the damages that can be done by eating too much sugar.

Although a diet with a high sugar content will affect your health, it will also affect your teeth. Luckily there are now solutions to improving your smile and the overall quality of your teeth.

New innovations and cutting edge technology in cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants, has allowed for this much conservative approach to award those looking for a new smile makeover.

How It's Made

This is how we do it ! Firstly, we use only the finest Belgium slab chocolate with at least 30% cocoa solids, then we gently heat the chocolate, melting it at around 45 degrees and then slowly "tempering" it, carefully rotating it in specially designed metal bowls, allowing the chocolate to remix as it cools.

This ensures the chocolate is clean tasting and soft. Once cooled down to 32 degrees, the chocolate is ready for dipping. The pre-prepared centres are individually hand dipped, to ensure a thick chocolate coating, setting them apart from mass produced chocolates.

Here in North London we offer more ethically sourced chocolate that any other provider in the city.