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Welcome to Chocolate Organic, the website for Confectionery, the traditional sweet shop in the sky. You will find the same great selection of sweets as in our shop, and we also have a range of jokes and novelties for sale.

As well as offering you the traditional sweets in a bag, we also produce gift bags and personalised glass gift jars made to your specification, with your own selection of sweets and a message of your choice. Use either the drop down Stock List to find your favourites or narrow down your search using the categories on the left. If you are still struggling to decide have a look at our best sellers. Sweet Hampers on sale now

Organic Sweets for children and adults alike!

Top 10 Best Selling Sweets

1. Flying Saucers

2. Strawberry Bonbons

3. Clotted Cream Fudge

4. Jelly Beans

5. Dark Chocolate Brazils

6. Strawberry Jellies

7. Shrimps

8. Cola Cubes

9. Pear Drops

10. Childrens Mix

Lets Do - Organic Candy! A delicious alternative to sweets for kids! Selection includes Tutti Fruity Jelly Bears, Cola Bottles, easter egg, Carnival Coated Chocolate Drops. No Gelatine. Apart from carnival drops all are free from added cane or beet sugar.

If you don't have time to go grocery shopping, we can deliver your groceries to you! Organic sweets offers a full range of wholesome grocery products, including a seasonal selection of organic sweets and chocolates. 

Chocolate candy recipes

With organic sweets delivery, you'll get products that are chemical free, minimally packaged, and shipped shorter distances than most products found in other grocery stores. And we believe in our products so much, that we back everything with a 100% guaranteeorganic sweets

Organic chocolate now comes in a wide variety of flavours, tones and textures. Here at organic sweets we believe there is no one best kind - but rather, as with wine, there are many excellent flavours, each suiting different chocolate bars occasions and palates. We encourage you to experiment with new tastes, to find which you and your friends like best.

All the chocolate sold here is high quality, and is sourced from the most dedicated chocolate makers we can find. All of it is fully certified organic.

Key components of the organic regulations are:



Select fine rich chocolate truffles, seasonal presents and other chocolate gifts.

Bars Choose from a fabulous range of organic bars - pure dark, "dark milk", and some very inventive flavours.

Tasters & Samples

Not sure where to begin? Want to become a chocolate taster?

Dinner Here you will find dollops, drops and dipped fruit to delight your guests (or your host).

Our aim is to bring you the very best in organic chocolate - exquisite rich truffles, delightful chocolate gifts, pure dark bars and sumptuous wholesale sweets after-dinner treats. Visit one of the sections below - or click left - to browse the wonderful range of high quality chocolate available here.